Case: Lead generation recipe for neonwhale

Hubspot implementation, advertising and content marketing


Walking around in grocery stores, did you ever wonder how the food you find on shelves was made? How companies come up with the products that you love to eat and drink? Well, that’s exactly what neonwhale helps companies do. 

As a dedicated team of specialists, neonwhale assists other companies in the food industry when coming up with something new. Next to years of experience, they also have their own brand of lemonade to prove they know what they are doing.

The challenge

neonwhale is growing their business in an international industry. Targeting the decision makers in this very niche industry is a real challenge. As neonwhale started to grow, the need for a CRM platform arose. 

The also need to attract more leads in order to close more deals and grow the business. The website required some SEO work, and there were no ads set up yet. As we often see with smaller companies, taking care of all the marketing, sales and operations is overwhelming and not everything got done.

The solution

The first thing we did was gathering all the customer related data we could and import that into the Hubspot CRM. Hubspot was the ideal choice: its very intuitive user interface allows them to work efficiently and focus most of their time on operations. We also trained their team on the CRM so they could hit the ground running.

After that, we did some SEO work on their website, adding some content and optimizing pages for search. We also set up Google Ads for neonwhale. We took some time to test and optimize campaigns, and have then expanded these to other European companies with big players in food.

The results

Having customer related data centralized in one place gave them more insights into their clients. It also gave their team a better way of segmenting contacts and communicating with their target audience. The integration with the website helps them capture leads and sync them seamlessly with their CRM.

With Google Ads we started generating more brand awareness in the food industry, and we started generating more leads. The leads are either companies looking for specialists to help with food development, or for interim management within their teams. All the different tactics combined make for a lead generation recipe that helps neonwhale grow slow and steady.

For a more details about our approach, let’s set up a short call in which we can go in a bit more detail and answer any questions you have about this case.

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