Case: lead generation

Managing Google Ads and Tag Manager to create leads for a data governance company

Data is everywhere and can help you make the right decisions for your business. But it can be quite tricky putting this into practice. That is where our customer comes into play. They are a consultancy firm specialized in data governance. With their projects, they help customers define their data policy and data strategy, and they help companies adopt a data-driven approach.

The challenge

Our client was looking for a partner that could manage their Google Ads and Tag Manager accounts. A few ad groups were already in place, so we picked up from there. The goal was is to get more awareness and above all get more conversions (contact forms, pdf downloads, registrations for training and job openings). The client relied heavily on Google Ads for lead generation and spent a substantial amount of their marketing budget on Google Ads.

The solution

We started optimizing what was already there, and split up a few campaigns so we could create more specific ads and biddings for certain topics like the training sessions and the vacancies. Also the services got their own campaigns and ad groups.

Every month, we had a meeting with them to discuss their Google analytics reports in detail. We looked at overall results, but also at organic search as well as the Google Ads results. We also discussed improvements: 

  • What goals to focus on for the next month
  • What keywords should we start including or excluding
  • Where to adjust the bidding strategy
  • What is the company working on that may have impact for the ads campaigns

Our results

After we took over their Google Ads management and started working with the client, we saw some clear results. We were able to lower the average CPC by 35%, meaning that with the same budget, we could get more results. We got the amount of clicks up by 40%. This all resulted in a 35% increase in conversions, and a pipeline filled with more leads than before. 

Google ads offers a ton of data and insights. The table below contains the most important insights from our collaboration. We compared the period before and after the start of our collaboration. Both the ‘before Upperscore’ as the ‘with Upperscore’ periods are exactly the same length. This is set up specifically so we could really compare data and results. The last column contains the difference, and as you can see, almost everything went up significantly.

Google ads lead generation results

For a more details about our approach, let’s set up a short call in which we can go in a bit more detail and answer any questions you have about this.

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