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Every day, Google processes over 5 billion searches. I repeat 5 billion! About half of these searches happen on a smartphone. And 15% of the leads that get created after a search, end in a purchase. Impressive, right? It shows that focusing on SEO, or search engine optimization, is a good idea.

SEO improves your search engine ranking so that you score better in the search results and therefore generate more leads.

SEO changes constantly

Search engine algorithms work in mysterious ways. The only certainty, is that they are constantly evolving. That means your search results change over time as well.

  • Voice search is gaining traction
  • Search is getting more local and individual
  • The rise of ad blockers means doing well in organic search will remain important 



Technical SEO

The technical aspects of your website matter more for your SEO thank you may think. Our team works with your developers to optimize your website for search results.

SEO content writing

Good search results start with good content that answers your persona’s questions. Content marketers at heart, we put a lot of focus on keyword research and the creation of content that really helps your business forward.

SEO audit

Do you want to rank better in search results? We do an SEO audit of your content and the technical aspects of your website. Afterwards, we present recommendations to optimize, for quick wins as well as long term SEO success.

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