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What is SEO?

Every day, Google processes over 5 billion searches. I repeat 5 billion! About half of these searches happen on a smartphone. And 15% of the leads that get created after a search, end in a purchase. Impressive, right? It shows that focusing on SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a good idea.


SEO is a tactic to align your content with the search behaviour of your target audience, so you will get as many visitors as possible through your online channels. In other words: you make sure that you get found when your target audience looks for an answer to their questions online. SEO is more complex than just posting some keywords at random. The technical part of your site should also be in order and there is also a lot of work outside of your own site. Like your presence on social media. SEO is a marketing task that requires some work and patience. What you do today will not suddenly bring you a lot of customers tomorrow.

Why is SEO important?

SEO or search engine optimisation is exactly what the word itself says: it optimizes your website for search engines. Since you want to attract as many visitors as possible to your website and especially the right visitors, it is important to optimize your website. If you apply SEO, you make sure that your website is visited by people that are looking for the services or products that you offer. If you optimize your website for the wrong audience and for irrelevant content, this will attract the wrong type of visitors.

Why SEO works

Paid ads have not worked for a long time. You can see the aversion in the numbers: only 1.19% click on an ad. Everyone else goes straight to the organic results. So that is where you can get the most results. Moreover, only a few organisations have time and money left to start an SEO campaign. They continue to stubbornly insist on those paid search results that only encourage a tiny minority to click on them.

Organic search works because it displays trust. You end up high in the search results because Google sees your page as an authority and you worked hard for that. When your page is relevant for a search, the visitors will follow.

SEO is not easy at all. A lot of elements are at play and influence the performance of your site. Once you figured them out, you can have a lot of success. Staying up to date is key, especially in this fast-evolving field. MOZ teaches you what you need to know!

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