Case: Helping UX professionals make users happy

Hubspot implementation, content marketing and social media

User experience becomes increasingly important. It makes the difference between success and failures in the modern world. The customer should be centric to any decision your company makes. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that don’t focus enough on the user.

That’s where UX Pro comes in. A team of UX professionals looks at products, services and processes from a user point of view. They base decisions on actual user data, apply rapid prototyping and bring the experience of your users to a new level, resulting in users that actually like using your products or services.

The challenge

UX Pro was looking for a partner to help them get more leads as efficiently as possible. They typically have relatively large deal sizes which can take a while to close, so it was important to fill the pipeline with new leads to increase the amount of services sold.

Part of the challenge was with UX Pro being a small team, it was hard to publish enough content to attract the right people to their website. And even though they did publish content, it lacked consistency. At the time we got in touch with them, content was getting outdated and new content was simply not being created fast enough.

Gunther from UX Pro explains: “We were always involved in projects for customers. And since we didn’t have a dedicated marketeer to really focus on generating more leads and attracting the right people, we struggled with that at times. So we asked Upperscore to support us.”

The solution

First of all, we helped UX Pro with their Hubspot onboarding so they could manage their incoming leads, and to get all their data in one platform so they could get a better understanding of their target audience. For them, the focus was more on the Sales Hub, but we also put in place some marketing assets to help attract and convert leads. We set up landing pages, email templates, lists and reporting, and trained them on how to use the Hubspot platform.

Next to that we also set up a joint project planning tool specifically for content creation and distribution. We started posting on their social media channels, mostly LinkedIn.

We also created content about their most recent cases. For this, we set up interviews with stakeholders from both UX Pro and the respective clients. Together, we discussed how the project went from start to finish, and what UX Pro specifically did for them. We focused most of all on the added value, discussing concrete wins the customer got out of the collaboration with UX Pro.

On the UX Pro website we also implemented some SEO improvements. These mostly revolved around keyword improvements, based on keyword research our team did and the goals UX Pro had.

Our results

The UX Pro website improved in terms of SEO. We were able to lift up organic traffic and supplemented that by additional social media traffic. The recent cases we worked on with the UX Pro team made for an uplift in new leads that resulted in increased revenue 5X the initial investment.

For a more details about our approach, let’s set up a short call in which we can go in a bit more detail and answer any questions you have about this case.

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