Discovery workshop

We help you define your sales and marketing strategy

Get tangible results and build lasting strong relationships with your target audience

Upperscore Discovery workshop

Our discovery workshop is aimed at defining your company’s goals and processes as well as your desired results. We involve key stakeholders from your company so we can cover everything that’s relevant.

During the workshop, we’ll help you discover how your business stands out from the rest and how it can realize it’s full potential. By doing so, we’ll help you build the foundations for your future inbound marketing actions, so you can attract the right visitors and get an unbelievable ROI from your marketing activities.

Why you need a discovery workshop

Time and again, we find that outside specialists see the opportunities and problems that employees in a company no longer see.

Our discovery workshop is led by an experienced strategist and is designed to help you analyze your business, take a closer look at your marketing and sales processes and get a full understanding of the whole buyer journey. What our workshop will do for you: 

  • Give you an objective perspective on your business
  • Identify blind spots
  • Enable your marketing and sales teams
  • Create a tailored strategy
  • Identify your quick wins
Discovery workshop

Your results

Our Discovery Workshop is designed to get you results. Here’s what you can expect:

A company that is serious about growing significantly needs an agile approach and a clear predictable pipeline. With limited resources it's super important to know where to focus your energy in the buyer journey, what to measure and how to combine people, processes and systems.

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