CRM Implementation

Get your ideal setup, save time and build lasting relationships

We focus on helping you implement a state-of-the-art CRM platform. We ensure your team is set up quickly and can increase productivity from day 1.

Why CRM implementation - migration?

Our tailored approach is designed to help you choose the right platform and get maximum results with your customer facing teams.

What is the outcome for your organization?


Your data centralized in your CRM, for a full view of all interactions with prospects and customers, available for your teams. 


Automated internal processes like task assignment or lead rotation help you save time for more important work, with more added value for your customers AND for you.


An organized pipeline with clear deal stages will help your sales team focus on closing deals and build customer relationships instead of manual and repetitive tasks.


A transparant and easy sales process for your outreach enables your sales team to replicate success and train new hires efficiently.



Pre-built templates and customizations help you get started quickly and make it easy to use for your team.


Detailed reports and dashboards that are easy to set up help your team keep track of sales and marketing performance, and enable you to take the right decisions for further optimizations.

Our CRM implementation process


CRM discovery

We get together with your team to understand your business requirements, processes and goals for CRM implementation.


Revenue process

In this step we zoom in on how you find customers, nurture them and sell to them. What are the important steps in the buyer journey, and how do you deliver your services?



Based on the information we gathered in previous steps, we implement your CRM of choice. You’ll get a high level planning moving forward.


Migrating your data

We clean up and format your data properly before migration to ensure data quality. We migrate in sections to make trouble shooting and fixing stuff easier.


Settings and integrations

In this step we set up alerts, automations, segments and views to help your team sell better. We also set up standard integrations with other tools you may be using.



We firmly believe that a proper onboarding includes training of your end users. We teach your team how to use the new CRM and answer any questions they may have.

CRMs we work with

Meet neonwhale

neonwhale, a growing company specialized in developing natural, healthy and tasty food products and concepts, was looking for a CRM to help them keep track of customer interactions and enable the team to follow up on leads.

We worked with their team to get a clear understanding of their CRM needs. We then implemented Hubspot for them and trained end users. We tailored contact and company records for them to enable proper segmentation and apply their business logic. We also created templates and set up integrations with other tools they are using.


CRM implementation at neonwhale

Do you want to know more?

Reach out to our team of specialists if you are eager to see and hear more about what a CRM can do for your business.