Case: Hubspot implementation for wooncoop

More sustainable housing at fair prices thanks to a CRM platform and automation

Case - wooncoop Hubspot implementation & automation flows

Construction and renting prices have only gone up in recent years. But wooncoop is convinced that there is another way: they are firmly committed to a housing model that can make living more affordable. And that housing model is called ‘cohousing’. They are doing this this with the financial contribution of resident-cooperators, external investors and banks.

As an ecologically and socially responsible cooperative organization, wooncoop is aiming for investors who want to help make living sustainable and fair. A lof of money is needed to realize these projects, and an efficient communication system is needed to manage those. That system is also particularly efficient for reaching the many cooperators and residents with automated processes.

The challenge

Every investor of a wooncoop project was once looking for an ethical way to invest in real estate. Every resident of a housing co-op project was once looking for an affordable and sustainable way to rent a place. And for both, it started at an information session, organized and hosted by the wooncoop team.

Attracting, informing, inviting and following up candidates was done completely manually before, via emails, registration forms, scheduling meetings with candidates and so on. A time-consuming job when you know that over 1250 investors have found their way to wooncoop and it has 230 units completed or under development. Before wooncoop partnered with Upperscore, communication with (potential) investors and existing cooperators and residents was a manual and time-consuming process.

Karel from wooncoop explains: “we have a very own vision of housing and our own way of working. We attach great importance to informing people who want to cooperate with us. That takes a lot of time, and we wanted to tackle that a lot more efficiently. We also wanted to attract more investors. We firmly believe in our project and think we can reach a lot of people with this. Of course, all those people have to be informed and followed up. We used to do all of that manually.”

So team wooncoop spent a lot of time sending emails, inviting and following up on info sessions and attracting investors. As more shareholders joined, these tasks took even more time. There are also new housing projects, with residents who all have questions that need answers from wooncoop. All this communication in the traditional way not only takes a lot of time, but is also more prone to mistakes, and correcting those again takes a lot of time.

Karel emphasizes that reducing the time that creeps into follow-up and communication was one of the main reasons for choosing an automation platform. It ended up being Hubspot, which focuses primarily on ease of use.

"With Hubspot a lot of communication tasks run automatically, and we save time that we can spend on other tasks with more added value.

In addition to serious time savings, wooncoop also wanted to achieve other marketing optimizations. By working with Hubspot, data from different sources come together in one platform. That way wooncoop gets more insights, and the organization can take better decisions. The platform also helps wooncoop schedule meetings with prospective investors or residents much more efficiently.

The solution

Karel Lootens, the CEO of wooncoop, chose Hubspot Marketing and Sales Hub and the services of Upperscore. We set up the necessary tools within the Hubspot ecosystem, and set up integrations with other systems, like Google, Asana and the wooncoop website. We also trained end-users.

After onboarding, we built a number of workflows for wooncoop to attract new investors and help existing contacts along their buyer journey. The main focus was on ethical investing at that point. Next to all that, we set up Google Ads for wooncoop.

“Onboarding on Hubspot was not obvious for us because it is a hefty investment for a small organization like us after all. But team Upperscore has guided us well in setting up Hubspot and afterwards also in our marketing activities, so we did get results. We can also always count on support when we have questions, something we really appreciate,” Karel indicates.

The results

Karel confirms: “So far, we see our marketing and sales results going up. Our employees enjoy using Hubspot, because it provides them with all the information about both investors and residents, and especially because it is an extremely user-friendly platform.” A major plus point is that all data can now be tracked more correctly in one CRM platform. This allows wooncoop to gain very useful insights into how their target audience interacts with them, the keywords they search foor and what channels work best.

Using the Hubspot platform also has a positive effect on the relationship that wooncoop builds with its target audience. By automating time-consuming manual tasks, the team can spend more time informing interested parties and answering questions. “If we want people to invest their hard-earned pennies in our housing projects, we have to win their trust. We do that by actively engaging with them and answering their questions.”

The investment in Hubspot paid for itself within the first 12 months. Processes run faster and with a lot fewer manual interventions than before. Moreover, wooncoop now gets a more insights about their target audience from the dashboards and reports, which they can use to optimize their services and marketing and sales actions further. This way, the organization contributes to sustainable living and attainable investment opportunities in our country.

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