How artificial intelligence is impacting marketing automation

Many companies still don’t see the need to start automating their marketing, claiming they are too small, or the platforms are too expensive. What it actually means is that they still realize automation is going to help them vastly increase their marketing ROI.

Still, platforms like Salesforce or Hubspot offer great solutions to make your processes much more efficient. And as artificial intelligence keeps on evolving, the platforms are only going to become better at what they are already doing. AI is quickly adding new levels of efficiency and sophistication that are going to be hard to ignore. In this blog post, we are covering how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing marketing automation platforms at an incredible velocity.

The power of data unleashed

Your company’s CRM platform, website or the social media tools you are using all have lots of data inside them. Marketing automation platforms can connect data from all these different sources. And with AI, you can then analyze these data and identify patterns, predict customer behavior and generate actionable insights. It enables your marketing team to personalize campaigns more than ever, and reach the right audience with the right message every single time.

Intelligent campaigns

Campaigns are crucial to generate leads, and so they are also crucial for sales and for revenue. AI can automate campaign optimization, constantly analyzing performance and making tweaks for better results. This means you can spend less time doing A/B testing or relying in your gut feeling when running campaigns. AI takes the guesswork out of campaign management. That makes it a lot easier to reach your marketing and sales targets.

Content marketing gets a boost

Another big plus of artificial intelligence in marketing automation is that it can seriously boost your content marketing efforts. Think of idea generation, crafting good headlines for your blog posts, writing email copy, or even translation and creating audio files.

BUT be cautious: AI doesn’t replace the human touch. And with Google now promoting people focused content, you need to make sure your content doesn’t come across as artificial. Our experience is that copy created by AI tools needs some rewriting to make it really human focused. Besides, the AI act that has been voted in the meantime necessitates companies to have AI policies and to put in place measures to avoid all kinds of issues AI may cause.

What AI does do for marketing teams, is free up tons of time doing all the research, creating outlines and concepts for campaigns. It saves you lots of time that you can then reinvest where it matters most: creating great user experiences for prospects and customers.

Personalization automated

With AI, marketers can personalize every touchpoint of the customer journey. Take dynamic website content for example, or email recommendations. AI helps you create interactions that feel relevant and engaging more than ever before. A highly personalized marketing approach fosters stronger customer relationships and helps you generate lot more conversions.

This is a side of marketing that people don’t talk about that much: marketing is very much about building relationships. And just like you have personalized conversations with friends and family, you need to personalize your marketing messages too. If you haven’t been using personalization before, just give it a try. And with AI, it’s getting easier than ever.

Platforms that make recommendations

Imagine a platform that suggests the next best action for every lead based on real-time data (yes, again data plays a big role in marketing). AI can do that for you. No need to spend tons of time looking for data and then doing all the guess work. AI can recommend email content or suggest the best channel for lead nurturing. With this information, marketers can then optimize their campaigns and maximize their marketing ROI.

Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and it certainly still has its limitations. But what it can already do is impressive, and the best is yet to come. Just think about how AI can already help you with data cleaning or content creation. The new Content Hub by Hubspot is a nice example of how AI is embedded more and more in marketing automation platforms. Much more is coming, and at Upperscore we like to keep you informed, so stay tuned!

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