why you should do content marketing during the holidays

As soon as the exams are over and  temperatures rise, we all go to festivals, barbecues or sunny destinations. It’s the time of year when we take some rest and fully enjoy a well-deserved vacation. But not everyone everyone trades an air-cooled office space for the beach: there is work to be done during the summer. A lot of people use the summer period to keep their skills at a certain level or focus on realizing a fantastic second half of the year in terms of revenue. There are many reasons why you should keep on doing content marketing this summer.

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Reading on vacation

People take their smartphones everywhere, also on vacation.  Mobile data traffic doesn’t drop during the summer months, on the contrary. Of course, they don’t necessarily visit your company website. You still need to promote your content through the channels that are relevant for your buyer persona’s of course. You still need to make it attractive for your target audience to click on your link and you need to make that as easy as possible. So make sure to keep on posting regularly on social media. If your content is attractive enough, people will definitely read it, they often have more time during the summer.

Your website's SEO

Even during the holidays, you should consider your SEO. There is no on/off button. The content on your website plays a key role in the search results. If you post content frequently, search engines will reward you for that. This means that your rankings will be hurt if you don’t do anything for 2 months. If you keep on posting marketing content during the summer period, you continue to improve your search results, especially when your competition doesn’t.

Moreover, it takes quite some time before search engines index your content. By continuing to work on content, you make sure that search engines keep on indexing and that you have a lot of content at your disposal. By the time everyone is getting back to work, your content is doing much better in the search results than before the start of the holidays.

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Marketing opportunities

Even in the summer period are there a lot of opportunities to use content marketing. Think about all the typical summer activities like festivals, beach bars and all sorts of fun parties. They do not only indicate a lot of activity, they often provide opportunities to link your content to them. The only thing you need is some creativity. Keep it in a way light and positive: people want to enjoy the beautiful weather and other fun things, make sure content does too. 

Additionally, your content can appeal to an often forgotten ‘bored-at-work’ network. A lot of people are present at work, but pass the time with ready al sort of blog posts or filling in tests like ‘What kind of a marketer are you’ or ‘Which Game of Thrones character are you?’.

Your target audience remembers better

More sunlight means more endorphins. That makes people happier. Have a look at the beach or a festival. It’s nothing but smiles and happy people, wherever you look. These endorphins help people to remember things better, so make sure to keep on posting content online. Your competition may or may not be active during the summer months, but whatever the case: never waste a good opportunity to be noticed, AND remembered.

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Customer loyalty

Not using contentn marketing during the summer period means you don’t inspire, inform or entertain your customers for 2 months. If you go for it, you stay connected with your customers and you build customer loyalty even in a calmer period. If you don’t, they might drop you for one of your competitors that does all the things you don’t do. If customers feel that they are being ignored, 89% of them feel the need to choose a competitor.

How to do summer marketing?

Let’s call it summer marketing from now. 

  1. Reuse existing content on your website, and link with summer (activities, vacation, sun, etc.)
  2. Go mobile: everyone has a smartphone, make sure your content Is suitable for mobile devices
  3. Provide a summer offer of your products or services
  4. Keep it short and fun
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Here you go, hopefully we’ll see a lot of fun and attractive content of your organization soon. Good luck with that! If you would like to know more or would like to talk to us without obligation, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

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