6 things digital marketers can learn from the TV show Suits

At Upperscore, we’re big fans of the TV show Suits. I mean, like really really big fans. From the very first episode, we couldn’t help but be entertained, and also inspired. For those who haven’t seen it: it’s a show about a fictitious law firm in New York, where the main characters face all kinds of challenges and drama, both in court and in their personal lives. An added bonus is the way they are always dressed to impress. But we do think there are some lessons to be learned from it also if you work in a completely different industry. Here are 6 things digital marketers can learn from the TV show Suits.

Look after your appearance

When Mike first starts working at Pearson Hardman, Harvey orders him to buy some suits. Not just any suits: expensive, nice looking suits. “People respond to how we’re dressed” he says. It’s true and it’s backed up by science.

And it doesn’t only apply to how you’re dressed: it applies to your website and social media as well. If you’re website still looks like it was built in the 90’s, then good luck convincing anybody to trust you. But it doesn’t have to be that spectacular: people notice subtle things too, like spelling mistakes, bad pictures, certain elements not being there, or just the inconsistencies they see here and there. 

So take care of your online channels: it’s very often the first thing people see when they get in touch with your company, without you even knowing. Make sure this experience doesn’t scare them off. Your website, social media profiles, and emails should have a visually appealing design, reflecting your brand’s personality.

Show confidence and resilience

Confidence is at the heart of Suits. The main characters look so self assured we as viewers are convinced they can take on any challenge. You could even say they are a bit cocky at times. And that’s ok IF you are really good at what you do. 

As marketers we too need to believe in our abilities to get the job done. It’s not easy in a world that changes quickly, working with cutting edge technologies that force us to adapt constantly. We need to be OK with taking risks, and we need to be able to bounce back from failures. Marketing can be a real rollercoaster, with great results one day and crappy results the next. But with the right attitude, we can turn setbacks into growth opportunities.

Hone your communication skills

Something that really stands out in ‘Suits’ is the characters’ ability to communicate persuasively and convincingly. The snappy comebacks, the movie references and constant banter sound good and make the characters sound eloquent. And they make for great oneliners.

Effective communication is key also in the world of digital marketing. Communicating is the essence of what we do. Whether it’s writing blog posts, crafting compelling email campaigns or creating attention-grabbing social media posts, clear and concise messaging is the key to success. We can all take lessons from ‘Suits’ and apply some of it to deliver our next marketing message with confidence.

Embrace change

If you’ve watched ‘Suits’, you know that a lot is going on constantly and adaptability plays a major role. The show’s characters are always ready to pivot their strategies, switch gears, and adapt to unexpected challenges. Change is the only constant factor.

Also in marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As marketers, we deal with new technologies every day. For example, look at what AI is doing today in content marketing, or how quickly platforms like Google, Facebook or Hubspot are evolving. We constantly have to be open to technological advancement, trends, and consumer behavior, always refining our strategies to stay relevant.

Build strong relationships

At the heart of ‘Suits’ is the dynamic between Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, showcasing the power of strong relationships. Both of them AND the lawyers they work with are constantly building relationships and trying to leverage them strategically to get what they are after.

In the same way, successful digital marketing relies heavily on building and maintaining meaningful connections. That’s also what our company’s vision and mission are built on. Building relationships involves fostering engagement with your audience through personalized content, responding promptly to customer inquiries, and leveraging influencer partnerships.  Just as trust and loyalty drive the relationships in ‘Suits’, they are equally vital in building a loyal customer base in our world of digital marketing.

Mistakes are fine

Everybody makes mistakes in life, and the ‘Suits’ characters are no exception, even though they are fictional. What matters is how you handle them. In ‘Suits’ we see examples of Mike Ross making mistakes as a rookie lawyer. He admits his mistakes and then learns from them. He also finds solutions to solve the problem.

Marketers make mistakes as well: content errors, misalignment with other teams around specific campaigns or wrong emails happen all the time. People feel bad for making them, and that’s natural. But we can also see this as growth opportunities. What can we learn? Did a campaign fail because of the wrong assumptions? Where did these come from? What do the data tell us, and are there other conclusions we can draw? Dealing with mistakes also means we get opportunities to rectify them: that’s another chance to interact with our target audience.

There you go! Who would have thought that a TV show about a bunch of high end lawyers could actually teach us as marketers a thing or two? From dress to impress to embracing change and building strong relationships, ‘Suits’ has valuable lessons to offer. So next time you watch an episode, be ready to be inspired and learn something. And remember, in the world of digital marketing, just like in ‘Suits,’ success often comes down to how well you adapt, communicate, and present yourself.

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