9 Reasons why you should choose Hubspot

If you are looking for a good CRM, you will certainly come across Hubspot during your search. With more than 143,000 customers worldwide, Hubspot has also managed to conquer a strong position in the CRM market. But is Hubspot also the answer to your sales and marketing challenges? Discover these 9 reasons why you should choose Hubspot.

1. The ultimate inbound software

Who says inbound, says Hubspot. Whoever says Hubspot, says inbound. The reason is that Hubspot’s CEO and founder, Brian Halligan, invented the term. The ‘invention’ of inbound marketing caused a shift in the way marketing was viewed. Intrusive ways of marketing were viewed more critically and the inbound methodology that focuses on content became increasingly important.

Hubspot is built around this inbound methodology. If you are looking for a system that offers your leads a customer-centric experience by delighting them with your content across various channels, Hubspot is absolutely the right place for you. Features such as topic clusters (SEO), social media planning, blogs, e-mail automation and target options will help you to set up a strong inbound strategy.

Inbound marketing framework
The inbound marketing framework

2. The Ideal CRM for sales and marketing alignment

An important element of an inbound marketing strategy is the alignment between marketing and sales. A good inbound strategy enables you to convert website visitors into leads. Once this is done, sales can start working with these leads. The great advantage of Hubspot is that Sales has insight into all marketing contact points that a lead has had with your company. This enables them to optimally adapt their sales conversation to the needs of their potential customers.

In addition, Hubspot can also play a role in the transfer itself. If you set up a lead scoring system, your sales colleagues can automatically receive notifications when a lead has reached a certain ‘level’ and is ready for a sales meeting.

But Hubspot does not let you down during the sales process either. Their Sales Hub is the ideal tool for keeping an overview of the progress of your deals, tasks and how many leads you have within the various phases of the funnel.

3. Grows with your company

Choosing a new CRM is a big decision for any company. But for start-ups it can be even bigger. Often, they do not yet have the capital to implement a tool with all the bells and whistles, but they do need to keep their customer data up to date in a structured manner.

Hubspot responds to this by offering free subscription plans. These plans do not include all of the features, of course, but they do provide a strong basis. In this way, you can get started with a free CRM and, as soon as it is possible or necessary, you can upgrade to a subscription plan. You do not have to do a new implementation, but you get extra features and the possibility of adding extra contacts.

4. Excellent integrations

Hubspot understands very well that the current digital marketing landscape is not limited to 1 tool. Just think about your own marketing activities. You use Zoom to give webinars, you send your customers SMS or whatsapp messages with new promos, you would like to plan meetings via your Outlook calendar, you have advertisements running via Google Ads or Facebook…

It is of course very interesting to save the data of these different platforms in one place. This way, you know exactly who is interacting with you on these different channels. For this reason, there are many integrations between Hubspot and hundreds of apps. Moreover, you do not need to be a coding wizard. The integration is set up with just a few presses of a button.

5. Easy to use

Despite the wide range of features and possibilities, Hubspot is a very user-friendly tool. You can easily find your way around it with limited training.

For example, a drag-and-drop system is used for the layout of e-mails and landing pages, or you simply choose an existing template that you can also easily adapt.

Even the more advanced features such as automation are very easy to use. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is not required to set up an automation flow.

6. Hubspot Academy

Another major asset of Hubspot is the Hubspot Academy. This is a free training platform of Hubspot. You will find training on Hubspot-related topics (e.g. How to use the Marketing Hub), but also general training (e.g. Inbound marketing, social media, advertising…). Non-Hubspot users can also create a free account and earn certificates.

7. Dashboarding and reporting

Data is extremely important for marketers in order to determine what works and what does not work. This allows you to further optimise your activities. Hubspot has a very extensive range of standard reports that you can collect in dashboards. For example, you can create a marketing dashboard, a lead generation dashboard, a sales dashboard or simply a combination of reports that are relevant to you… In addition, you also have the option of building custom reports.

In Hubspot reports, you can find information about your website, your socials, your advertising campaigns… So also information outside the Hubspot environment is at your disposal. This ensures that you can collect all your data in one place and obtain a good overview of your best-performing channels.

8. Automation

We already mentioned several times that automation is a possibility within Hubspot. On the one hand, you can automate your marketing activities; on the other hand, you can also streamline your internal processes via the automation feature in Hubspot. Both are done through workflows. This feature is part of the Marketing Hub (Professional and Enterprise).

  • Marketing activities: automatic e-mails after downloads, setting up a flow for webinar registrations, lead nurturing based on previously consumed content, etc.
  • Internal processes: automatically create tasks to follow up on people, change a contact owner…

And all this without having to code a single letter. If you want to know all about marketing automation, get our marketing automation guide.

9. Features

Finally, we would like to give you a few more fine features that will make the life of many marketers a lot easier.

  • Meeting booker: Link the calendars of your sales colleagues to your Hubspot meeting booker and let your prospects schedule appointments when it suits them.
  • Lists: It may not sound like the most imaginative feature, but it’s a really good way to do segmentation. You can create lists based on personal information of your leads but also based on their interaction with your marketing activities. This way, you can send very targeted information.
  • Chatbot: Hubspot gives you the opportunity to link a chatbot to your website. This way, you get the information directly into your CRM.
  • Payments: Hubspot may not be a webshop platform, but it does integrate well with common webshop platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce. In addition, Hubspot has also created the possibility to receive payments in their own system. 

Are you curious about how this all works in the tool? We would be happy to show you around! Contact us for a demo. Learn more about our Hubspot services.

Want to know more about Hubspot? We are happy to show you around!

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