What’s new at Inbound2022

Inbound2022 lies behind us. It was the first live edition sinds corona hit us, but there were digital solutions as well for those who wanted/needed to stay at home. We had to go for the digital platform ourselves because we had a big event at the same time. But even the digital experience was very much worth every second of it.

As we did before, we wanted to summarize the highlights here for you.

First of all, we’ve had accelerated digital transformation. Never before did companies switch to digital solutions as fast as we all did the past 2 years. Digital solutions are important for company growth, but at the same time, the pandemic has taught us again the value of personal connections and the human touch. We feel that a lot of the new features are built for just that: enhancing human connection.

Here’s what’s new at Inbound and at Hubspot, broken down for you by Hub.


Hubspt CRM

Board card configuration

As an admin, you can now select up to 4 properties to display on board cards. This is available for all objects related to pipelines, meaning deals, tickets and custom objects.

The advantage for you as a user is that you get a complete view of the customer at every deal stage you have in your pipeline. So you could show the description, amount, close date or deal owner for every deal, all in a single board card. This works for default properties in your free CRM solution, and for custom properties for your Pro or Enterprise plan.

Hubspot board card configuration

New activity types

In the Hubspot CRM, you can now extra activities from SMS, LinkedIn messages, WhatsApp and physical mail. This comes on top of the actions you could already log, like emails, phone calls and meetings. What this means for you is this: your customers want their questions answered and problems solved via channels that are convenient for them. Now you can log any service request you get, whether it came via email, WhatsApp or postal mail. Ultimately, it gives you a more complete view of the interactions you have with your customers. This is available for every Hubspot user, including free plans.

Records overview

In the CRM you can now configure the layout and define which properties are shown, like highlights, a recent activity car or association tables. You can also apply conditional logic to show different data to different people or teams. This is available for free plans and up. For those who are on Service & Sales Hub Enterprise level, you can have your developer create custom cards to show on the custom tab. The advantage here is that is shows you information critical to you or your team on a new overview tab for all records.



Marketing Hub

Connect your WhatsApp account

WhatsApp users rejoice: you can now connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Hubspot Marketing Hub as a messaging channel in your inbox. This new integration supports video and images. Your conversations will be visible on your contact record as well. The advantage here is that your customers and prospects can communicate with you using the tool of their choice, which very often is WhatsApp these days. If they prefer this channel, this will be visible in your contact records, adding relevant information to everybody in your organization. This feature is available for Service and Marketing Pro and up.

Hubspot WhatsApp integration

Campaigns revamped

Campaigns got a serious makeover in Hubspot. You can now tactics and strategies across your buyer’s journey. This will help you understand how to drive engagement and campaign optimization every step of the way. Your team will be able to get full alignment from the first step in every campaign until the moment of conversion, making your campaigns much more efficient. This is available on Marketing Hub Pro and up.

Ad conversion for LinkedIn (more following)

As a Hubspot user, you can now use ad conversion events for your targeted ads on LinkedIn. Other platforms will soon follow. Your access to first party data will allow you to target and optimize your ads, no worries about cookies or privacy issues. This is available on Marketing Hub Pro and up.

Hubspot feature - ad conversion events

Sales Hub

Managing deals in Hubspot

Forecasting and managing your deals in Hubspot has improved significantly. There is a brand new goals app that allows you to set goals, you can define team goals and the whole experience for your team managing deals has become better. Managing deals has become easier this way, which will result in your team closing more deals.

Hubspot deal management

Custom goals

This new feature allows you set, optimize and track unique goals. Any changes made will automatically be updated, and there’s a progress bar that shows you visually how you are doing. Additionally, there are notifications to let you now when you missed a goal, or exceeded one.

Hubspot sales hub - custom goals

Operations Hub

Syncing your invoices

Operations Hub now lets you sync your invoices from Netsuite, Quickbooks etc. into Hubspot. This is an exciting addition: this synchronization of invoiced amounts will provide your sales and service colleagues with some valuable information about contacts and companies. This is available in Operations Hub free and starter, so a valuable addition for all users.

Invoice Sync

Data quality command center

Data quality is increasingly important. Hubspot now has a data quality command center that offers you a visual overview of your data quality, so you can quickly see if there are any issues with properties or formatting. This is a nice addition next to data models, import errors and property validation. This feature is available in Operations Hub Pro and above.

Hubspot data quality command center

There you go: these are some of the most note worthy new features announced at Inbound 2022. There are some very exciting new features here definitely worth using, and they are guaranteed to add value for your business. And ultimately, that’s what marketing is all about, isn’t it?

You can find more about Hubspot here. If you want to know more or see in real life how all of these work, don’t hesitate to book a demo with us.

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