Life as it is: The marketing consultant at Upperscore

Today is the day! My first day as a marketing consultant at Upperscore. September 20, 2021, has been marked for weeks on my calendar as the start of a new adventure. People say: you know where you come from, but you never know where you are going. It is indeed exciting to leave the known behind, but at the same time, it gives you the freedom to explore your passions further and to set your own course.

What do you want to be when you grow up

But first, let us go back to the pre-Upperscore era. As a young girl, people asked me: what do you want to be when you grow up? At first sight, it seems a simple question. However, over the years many answers have come to the surface. From a teacher, over a musician, to a pharmacist. There were endless possibilities. Marketing Consultant never crossed my mind. When it was time to pick a study, all I knew was that I wanted to ‘do something with people’. Sounds vague? Exactly! But that was the starting point of my Communication Studies.

The only way is... digital

Despite my clueless start in Communication Sciences, I learned very quickly where my strengths and interests lay. It became clear that the world of digital marketing fascinated me tremendously. Content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, advertising… So many different channels to bring and strengthen your story. And the best of al? You can monitor and automate everything thanks to data! (#nerdalert)

During my first work experiences, I took my first Hubspot steps and experienced the magic of inbound marketing. I loved it and I wanted more. Helping companies grow with a strong content strategy, supported by marketing automation is what I want to do. And that is where my adventure at Upperscore starts with.

Why Upperscore

When it became clear which direction I wanted to take, I started looking for a place where this passion could be transformed into tangible results. That place turned out to be Upperscore!

Upperscore is a growing marketing agency with a focus on content marketing and marketing automation. Above that, Upperscore is a Hubspot partner! Hubspot enables us to implement marketing strategies and monitor them directly over all channels. This combination of content and technology is exactly what fascinates me. So I saw a perfect match!

My first week as a Marketing Consultant

Fastforward to September 24, 2021. My first week at Upperscore has come to an end. After a warm welcome on my first day, with a lot of information and new impressions, I already got in touch with my first clients: wooncoop and Solventure.

Wooncoop is a housing cooperative. Its mission is to make housing fairer and easier by co-owning a house. With Upperscore we support this mission by sharing our Hubspot and marketing automation with them. I attended two training sessions in which my colleague Tom introduced the team to Hubspot.

At Solventure I created the monthly newsletter and I got the chance to contribute to the social media strategy for the coming months. Solventure is specialised in sales and operations planning (S&OP). They offer workshops and strategic advice next to an end-to-end S&OP tooling system. This broad offering is a nice challenge for a marketeer to get the targeting and segmentation right.

Next to this, I also looked into our own marketing activities and dived deeper into our different social media channels, workflows and content. Our content calendar is pretty full for the upcoming weeks, so you can expect some interesting tips & tricks about content marketing!

On to the next weeks

I look back at this first week with a great feeling. It is very fascinating to experience how content and technical aspects get together. My first expectations are definetely fulfilled. I am curious to discover which challenges and customers will cross my path in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to helping them write their digital marketing story and to support and experience Upperscore’s growth.

Does this seem to be a job for you?

Would you like to immerse yourself further in the world of digital marketing? This first expansion of the team tastes like more! That is why we are looking for a new colleague to help our team grow further. Check out our vacancy for more info and who knows, maybe our next blog post will be about you!