What is Hubspot

Manage your marketing, sales and customer service acitivities in one platform

Hubspot is a CRM platform that helps companies grow with the inbound marketing methodology. This methodology helps you as an organisation to form meaningful connections with your target audience by providing relevant content at the right time, on the right channel, to the right people. The data in Hubspot gives you the necessary insights about your target audience. In that way, you can personalise their experiences with your organisation and provide a next level customer experience.

Also for its own users, Hubspot highly values customer experience. The user-friendliness of the platform and the integration with other marketing and sales tools enable you to automate and follow up the entire process from visitor to customer. This helps your organisation grow faster and more sustainably.

The integration of Marketing, Sales and Service

Marketing Hub

The Hubspot Marketing Hub helps you to run entire inbound campaigns from one platform. You can manage and connect your social media channels, blog posts, e-mails, landing pages and marketing automation to implement a strong inbound marketing strategy in the Hubspot Marketing Hub. Moreover, you get all data from your various channels in one overview, so that from now on you REALLY see what works and what doesn’t, and where you need to adjust.

Sales Hub

With Hubspot Sales Hub, you can make your sales process a lot more personal because you have insights into the preferences and online behaviour of your target group and can respond to this. Here, too, you can automate. In addition, Hubspot gives you an excellent overview of the various stages of your pipeline, and you can personalise your customers’ user experience with the right content via the right channel. All your interactions are stored in one single platform.

Service Hub

Turn your customers into true ambassadors thanks to helpdesk automation, customer feedback surveys and extensive reporting possibilities in Hubspot Service Hub. By taking your service to a higher level and automating it, you will ensure even more satisfied customers, who will become ambassadors for your brand.

Hubspot Certified partner

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